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Our 2021 Annual Sale was held 2/12/2021.  SALE RESULTS

Note if you have the mailed catalog, Lots 34 & 35 should read “5/8 Simmental, 3/8 Angus”.

Welcome!  This year was our 36th Annual Bull Sale! Last February we had our final sale at the ranch, but as we mentioned last year, we were excited for this calf crop to arrive and planned to offer them for sale in some form.

Shanon and Gabe planned to have the sale at their ranch by Lehr this year, but due to Covid-19 and all the issues that brought with getting materials, they were unable to get a sale facility built. So we have decided to have the sale in a little different format this year.

This year’s sale will be held as a “LIVE ONLINE ONLY” sale with Seth Weishaar as our auctioneer. We do still plan to have some sale reps here and phone bidding will be available for anyone who isn’t able to bid on the internet. We will have a video of each bull on our website and on DVAuction. There will be a sale order and they will be sold off of the video.

We do encourage you to try to get out and see the bulls in person ahead of sale day. They are all being fed at the same location at our ranch 5 miles south of Almont. We are planning to host a field day, so watch our Website or Facebook for updates on that, but you are welcome to come and take a look whenever it fits your schedule. Don’t hesitate to call. Shanon and Gabe do plan to host the 37th annual sale at their place in 2022. 

Our kids have gone above and beyond to help us meet our goals and fulfill our dreams. They have all learned to work hard and accomplish much in life, but most importantly have grown up to be wonderful adults and now wonderful parents to our 15 very special grandchildren and we couldn’t be more proud of them all! All four of our kids were actively involved in all aspects of ranching and thoroughly enjoyed the ranching lifestyle while growing up. Our grandkids love helping out too, whenever they get a chance. Shanon and Gabe were the ones, as a couple, that had the desire to continue with TNT Simmentals and we are extremely grateful their family wants to “Carry-On the Explosive Difference.” Justin still works side by side with Lynette & I and Kendra helps out every now and then. We are so thankful to have them here. They have been a huge part of our success.

Shanon and Gabe bought cows from us in 2014 and have continued to grow their herd off of ours ever since. They have been participating in our sale for the past 4 years and have been a huge help with all aspects of it. This fall they bought 100 of our top young cows that were all carrying bull calves, so with adding these top females to their current herd, they will have an excellent set of bulls to offer next year, and we will still be selling some of our bulls with them as well. They plan to purchase the majority of our cows from us over the next few years as we phase out of the seedstock end of things. I feel they know what they are getting in to and their kids absolutely love the cattle. I will continue to mentor and guide them as they continue to grow their operation. The cattle business is in my DNA.

We do not creep feed the calves. We weaned the bulls on October 1st and Shanon and Gabe brought their bulls and our ET calves over shortly after that. They were in their own contemporary groups prior to weaning, but were included with ours from then on. We started them out on a high fiber, medicated creep feed with free choice hay for a few days. We then moved them into their big pens and fed them a high forage base TMR. We have had an unbelievably nice fall and winter, and I believe this played a factor in probably the best post weaning gains we have ever had. They are not being pushed hard. They were worked up to what they are currently being fed in early December; 5lbs. corn, 5lbs. soy hull pellets, 12lbs. of alfalfa high moisture baleage, 3lbs. grass hay, and corn silage, along with mineral and rumensin in the TMR. We really like this ration. With having the alfalfa baleage in there it is a little higher in protein and they consume it really well.

This year we utilized the Genomic Enhanced 100K EPD’s and Parent Verification. The EPD’s are updated weekly. It is a higher accuracy EPD on the bulls. There is more information and a chart on page 2.

We invite you to come to the ranch any time and view the cattle and see the way we manage our herd. As you will notice we have several new sire groups this year and we feel this is a tremendous offering of bulls that we are proud to represent. We place a strong emphasis on fleshing ability, performance, docility, udder quality, and high maternal traits. We are proud of our cattle and feel you will be proud of “The Explosive Difference” they will make for you. I truly have a passion for this business and love breeding cattle with the never-ending pursuit to try to make them better. We know that Shanon and Gabe have high integrity and you can expect them to stand behind what they sell as well. We hope you will continue to give them the great support you have given us these past 36 years. Thank you for your current and past interest in TNT Simmentals!

Sincerely, Kevin & Lynette